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Trademark Registration Pakistan

Trademark is a way to distinguish one’s goods and services from those of another.

Orakser helps its clients in providing trademark services such as choosing a good logo, trademark search services, advising and negotiation and registration of trademark.

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A trademark is not just ‘a logo’ it can be a letter, word, phrase, number, picture, shape, sound, smell and movement aspects of packaging or combination of these.
A trademark is a way of identifying a product or service and is a great source of advertisement.
Trademark as a brand can help to distinguish the quality of product or service over competitors.
A trademark can be proved the most valuable marketing tool. It distinguishes ones goods from another.
A trade mark is identity. It is a brand. By trademark you can show your customers who you are.
Trademark is directly proportional to your business. The more valuable your trademark the more successful your business will become.
Once your trademark is registered it will carry the ® symbol. This ® symbol on your brand brings respect to your trademark.
An eligible owner; an owner must be an individual, a company or an incorporated association. A trademark can also be owned by an unincorporated association or a body exiting under legislation.
A trademark or logo for goods and services An address of an applicant
Once an application of trademark is submitted, its take three to four month for examination.
In examination process an examiner will check an application if it contains all correct information as required such as class of goods and services etc.
It is imperative to make an application right before apply because refunds are not given back if an examiner finds any mistake in application.
After examination process trademark is then advertised for two months. It is a period in which third parties are allowed to oppose registration. If it is not opposed, the trademark is then registered and is notified in writing. The trademark is then in entered in the Pakistani Official Journal of Trade Marks (POJTM). One will also be able to find it listed in Pakistani Trade Mark Search.
Registered trademark is valid for certain period of time after which it has been expired. Its expiry date differs from country to country which is almost ten years. Orakser help its clients in renewal of their trademarks.
Classification of goods and services is one of the most important steps in registration of trademark. Orakser help its clients to search in which class their goods and services belong.