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Brand Registration


Why should a trademark be registered?

Benefits of registering a trade mark

  • A trademark can be proved the most valuable marketing tool. It distinguishes ones goods from another.
  • A trade mark is identity. It is a brand. By trademark you can show your customers who you are.
  • Trademark is directly proportional to your business. The more valuable your trademark the more successful your business will become.
  • Once your trademark is registered it will carry the ® symbol. This ® symbol on your brand brings respect to your trademark.

Using another person's trade mark

  • Under the Trademark Ordinance 2001, whether a trademark is registered or not, it is illegal to use another person’s trademark as your own.
  • Under certain circumstances of common law and other state based trading legislation unregistered trademark have some value and it is also an offence under the Trademark Ordinance 2001.
  • Under certain circumstances if someone is using an unregistered trademark for a time period and has become successful in building a significant reputation then he can stop another from using the same trademark or logo whether it has been registered or not.